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Campus Names

Principles and Procedures for Renaming Buildings and Other Features at Stanford University

Stanford University is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and robust academic freedom, and to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the Stanford community. With this in mind, Stanford will consider renaming features of the university, such as buildings, streets, monuments, endowed positions, and prizes, when there is strong evidence that retaining the name is inconsistent with the University’s integrity or is harmful to its research and teaching missions and inclusiveness.

In Winter 2018, members of the Advisory Committee on Renaming Principles presented recommendations for how Stanford should approach the process of reconsidering the name of a building or site, including the principles involved, the procedure to be followed and the factors to be considered. These recommendations were accepted by President Marc Tessier-Lavigne.

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Renaming of Jordan Hall and relocation of statue of Louis Agassiz

October 7, 2020

President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and the Board of Trustees approved a campus committee’s recommendation both to remove David Starr Jordan’s name from campus spaces and to take steps to make his multifaceted history as Stanford’s first president better known and understood. Stanford also will relocate a statue of Jordan’s mentor, Louis Agassiz.

Renaming of Junipero Serra features on the Stanford campus

September 13, 2018